Weekly Digest #3

My weekly digest about DevOps, ALM, Agile, Scrum and probably some other cool stuff !

My interesting articles that I came across this week.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

  • Wiki* to turn Wiki & many exciting features, Sandeep Chadda (MSFT) informs us the Wiki is now out of beta with many new features: links to work item, paste rich text as html, side by side edit/preview, CTrl + S to save page, set the Wiki home page to show on the Project description page (no need to use the readme.md file), filter with text highlighting, create pages from broken links. And with the coming soon features (integration with code repository, improvements in attaching files and a public REST APIs), the wiki will become a major feature of the VSTS ecosystem.
  • Octopus Deploy 4.0 – History, a brief history technical decisions about the next release of Octopus Deploy (which seems really promising) by Pawel Pabich, Solution Architect at Octopus Deploy.
  • Octopus Deploy 4.0 – UX and UI, Jessica Ross, Senior UX Designer at Octopus Deploy, explains the new Modern UI that brings more consistency over the web interface and more adapted to scale.
  • Octopus Deploy 4.0 – Infrastructure Redesign, Mark Siedle introduces the new Infrastructure area (in place of the Environments one in v3.x) and adds more controls over environments and deployment targets.
  • Octopus Deploy 4.0 – Variable Editor Redesign, Tom Peters shows us a complete redesign of the variable editor and it’s like all the other posts about this v4.0, it’s looking really good !
  • Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 implementation with Octopus Deploy 3.4 and earlier, by Michael Richardson at Octopus Deploy.



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